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We promise you safety, freedom, flexibility, and low cost on this CUSTOM TRIP.
It can be a day trip, or a lengthy one. You can choose to have a guide, a driver, or none. Create your recipe & we will cook it!

Want to discover the true Mongolian wilderness on your own? For road trips, you will not have a guide, but instead an English-speaking driver with a 4-wheel drive who will accompany on your journey. We will help you put together an itinerary of your dreams in advance according to your interests.
CUSTOM Travel is best recommended for experienced travelers. Have your itinerary personalized suiting to your individual travel plans. If requested, we will help you find travelers with the same interests who are seeking to join in a group, which will help you reduce the costs.


Toyota Land Cruiser - $60 per day

The most comfortable vehicle for traveling in Mongolia. All cars are equipped with air-conditioning. Japanese jeeps can carry up to 5 people including the driver. You can use these cars both for short and long distance.

Russian 4 WD Jeep - $60 per day

Safe, powerful and reliable, ensuring a smooth ride both in heavy city traffic and rough terrain. Thanks to its large size, spacious cabin, and huge trunk, this vehicle is perfectly suitable for a family or a large company voyage. It can carry up to 8 people.

Japanese 4WD Jeep - $60 per day

A comfortable, fast vehicle with air conditioning. It’s possible to use this car for up to 5 or 6 people during a trip. This car is capable of handling most Mongolian roads.

Note * Car rental includes a professional driver (driver’s meals & accommodation included), sleeping bags, tents, and a gas stove.

Car rental does NOT include gas/fuel.

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